Want to Grow Your Business? Check Your Impostor Syndrome First

Financial anxieties hold us back in many ways. Oversaving can prevent us from living our lives fully and meeting our needs. Similarly, impostor syndrome often holds us back from investing in our businesses and developing our experience as business owners. "What if I'm not _____ enough?" Out of all the questions impostor syndrome brings out of the shadows, this one [...]

How Much Should You Invest in Your Business?

When you're feeling ready to invest in yourself or your business, the next decision to make is, "How much do I spend?" This is different for everyone, but the key is to think about how the investment will pay off. How soon can you expect a return on purchasing equipment, or more education? Below, I have mapped out some questions for [...]

When Is the Right Time to Invest In Your Dreams?

Whether you're wanting to quit your day job and go full time in your business, invest in some equipment to level up your production, or get a higher level of education in your field, all of us face choices about when to invest in our dreams. Let's talk about how to make these decisions from a financial perspective. Consider Your [...]

How to Use Your Profits to Create the Generous Business You Envision

I'm a big proponent for using a money system in your business for many reasons. One of those is the way it can make giving away money, or donating, so much easier. Today, we're focusing on how to use your profits to be able to give freely in your business. In my series on money mapping, I wrote about setting [...]

How to Develop Good Money Tools So You Can Be As Generous As You Want

I know many kind and generous people who wish to give money to organizations or causes they support, or simply other people in the community who are in need. However, sometimes being clear on how much you can afford to donate is difficult. To clear this up, you need to develop a solid financial base for yourself. I'm talking about [...]

Boost Your Social Impact With the Power of Belief

I'll get straight to the point - what you do with your business and your money matters. A year ago, protests against racist policing and in support of Black lives erupted around the country. Today, we can reflect on those moments and think about the impacts they had, like the conviction of Derek Chauvin and the reduction of police budgets [...]

How to Avoid Underselling Yourself

A few years ago, I had the chance to speak with a group of businesswomen about their biggest financial mistakes. One that came up almost immediately was pricing products or services too low initially. Women especially struggle with worth and conceptualizing the value of their own labor, whether we're working for an employer or ourselves. Actually, I'd argue it can [...]

Why You Need to Consider Your Hourly Wage As a Business Owner

How much does your business pay you, hourly? Whether you're working on a pricing strategy or just feeling burnt out by your business, this can be an important thing to consider. Why Think About Your Wage? Knowing your hourly wage can help you be more aware of the time and effort you're putting into your business, and what kind of [...]

How to Set Financial Goals for the Next Quarter

  April marks 1/3 of the way through the second quarter of 2021. How are your goals doing? Whether you typically set goals for the whole year, or in twelve-week increments, taking some time to check in with your goals and set new, more relevant ones, is a good idea.  What Do You Need to Succeed? When setting any goals [...]

How Tailored Income Goals Keep Your Business On Track

When you're running a business on your own, it's easy to get swept off course. Solopreneurship and small business ownership are both full of moments where we waver, question whether our dreams will work out, and look to what others are doing. This can easily fuel impostor syndrome and turn into a full-blown comparison fest. When this happens, you may [...]

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