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I offer monthly bookkeeping services to small business owners.  We use QuickBooks Online to capture the details of your business finances so that you stay connected to your numbers.  Every business owner may have different needs in terms of the detail or services required, but all will benefit from knowing their numbers accurately reflect the profitability of their business.

For business owners who want to go the DIY route but keep informed about their business finances, I also offer QuickBooks trainings. My live 1-to-1 training process is thorough, easy to understand, and a popular option for many small business owners. You are welcome to record our trainings to review later. Typically, I do Quickbooks trainings in two sessions, to give you time to practice and see what questions come up for you. You’re also welcome to schedule further sessions if needed.

If you are interested in bookkeeping services or training, feel free to reach out and schedule a free Financial Self Care call to find out how we can make QuickBooks work best for your business.

Ready to take the next step and learn about how we can work together?

Schedule a call
"In just a few months, I was able to separate my personal & business finances, open an IRA, and manage my money better with the Profit First system. Angela has helped give me peace of mind about where my money is going, and I’m not worried about surprise expenses or taxes at the end of the year!"
Bri Crabtree, Independent Performer
"I highly recommend Angela. She is a great ally and resource for entrepreneurs."
“I needed an in-depth training on QuickBooks and best practices in bookkeeping. Angela was a patient and skilled teacher. I left our appointment feeling informed and on top of all my accounts."
"She is very experienced with Quickbooks and has helped me set-up QBO for a business that has multiple lines of revenue and expense classes, as well as 1099 contractors."
Sue Landaiche, CCC Consulting
“Angela introduced a cash flow system that over the past 3 years, has helped our company revenues grow by 50% while our profits have tripled. But even more importantly, I no longer lose sleep at night worrying about the finances of the business."
Jeff, Owner, JR Construction

Bookkeeping Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the purpose of a Financial Self Care call? 

This  is a free conversation to determine if we can work well together and whether my services fit your needs. You can book one at this link if you’re interested in learning more. 

Can I sign up for bookkeeping without coaching? What about coaching without bookkeeping? 

Yes! The two services are separate. People frequently come to me looking for one or the other, so they are separated into two different offerings. 

What’s the difference between the bookkeeping and the coaching? 

Bookkeeping will give you a better understanding of your business finances and the security of having accurate numbers.  You will receive monthly reporting and the ability to recognize trends in your business.  Coaching will define your financial goals, improve your confidence around your money and give you tools for better planning so that your business serves your life by meeting your personal financial goals.

What’s the benefit of having a bookkeeper? 

Having a bookkeeper staying on top of your business finances can help you feel confident in the accuracy of your numbers, save you time, and get you paid. I ensure your numbers are accurate and that you’re capturing all of your expenses and tax savings you’re entitled to. I deliver a monthly review of your finances so that you understand the numbers behind your business. When you are regularly in touch with your numbers and feeling confident, you will likely see an increase in profitability. Lastly, having a bookkeeper makes tax time a breeze. When you think about it, that’s peace of mind. For more of my thoughts, please read “Why Hiring a Bookkeeper Is Worth It.

How do I know you’re working on my stuff every month?

I provide you with a monthly review of your business financials. That way, we both stay informed and accountable about what’s happening in your business.