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Your business exists to fill your personal needs.
You started it to support yourself and fulfill a dream.

Perhaps you aren’t clear whether your business is actually helping you reach that dream. The finances might be so murky that you aren’t sure where your money is going, and what your monthly costs really are. Oftentimes, clients come to me because they are feeling burnt out from hustling to keep themselves above water financially. Developing financial clarity around your spending and identifying an inspiring income target can free you from the cycle of worry and overwork, and transform your relationship with your business.

Personal financial coaching is an excellent option for small business owners who are looking to create financial growth in their personal lives. These private 1:1 sessions are designed to support your integration of financial self care into your lifestyle. Through our work together, we will take stock of your values, set goals, and create a personal financial system that helps you create the fulfilled, stress-free life you are fully deserving of.

Personal financial coaching is perfect for someone who wants to work with an expert guide to:

  • Uncover your personal financial values
  • Establish inspiring personal financial goals based on your values
  • Align your life goals with your business profits
  • Redesign your personal spending plan to give you freedom and confidence
  • Plan for emergency & periodic expenses, so you’re prepared, even with fluctuating revenue in your business
  • Create a roadmap to meet your savings and debt repayment goals
  • Determine the income target you need to make your business support your life

Sessions are offered over Zoom on an as-needed basis, meaning you can book as many or as few sessions as you like. As you learn more about your current financial standing, you can shape the length of our work together according to your needs. There are reduced fee options available for our sessions that can be negotiated on an as needed basis.

If you’re ready to begin the next step of this transformational work, you can click the button below to schedule your free Financial Self Care Consultation.

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"In just a few months, I was able to separate my personal & business finances, open an IRA, and manage my money better with the Profit First system. Angela has helped give me peace of mind about where my money is going, and I’m not worried about surprise expenses or taxes at the end of the year!"
Bri Crabtree, Independent Performer
"I highly recommend Angela. She is a great ally and resource for entrepreneurs."
“I needed an in-depth training on QuickBooks and best practices in bookkeeping. Angela was a patient and skilled teacher. I left our appointment feeling informed and on top of all my accounts."
"She is very experienced with Quickbooks and has helped me set-up QBO for a business that has multiple lines of revenue and expense classes, as well as 1099 contractors."
Sue Landaiche, CCC Consulting
“Angela introduced a cash flow system that over the past 3 years, has helped our company revenues grow by 50% while our profits have tripled. But even more importantly, I no longer lose sleep at night worrying about the finances of the business."
Jeff, Owner, JR Construction

Personal Financial Coaching FAQ

Why would I need a personal financial coach?

You may need coaching if you are currently dissatisfied with your income, your progress or your understanding of your finances.  Coaching can help you clarify your goals and create a roadmap to make those goals a reality while supporting you in your journey. Paying for financial coaching is like paying to learn any other skill. You may have a talent or technical skill that’s important for the business you offer, but your skills in managing, planning and understanding how to create the financial life you desire through your business may need more development. Coaching provides a space for that development as we map out a path towards your most profitable business and fulfilled life together. For more thoughts here, feel free to read my article “Why Hiring a Financial Coach is Worth It.”

My business has a money system, can I apply a money system to my personal life?

Yes! I actually got started with personal financial coaching because my clients were seeing such success in their business finances, and they wanted to know how they could apply the same principles to their personal finances. My work in this realm frequently involves helping business owners integrate their personal and business finances. In my blog posts on money mapping, I go in depth on visualizing how your business and personal finances relate. In our work together, we can spend time creating a system for your personal finances that can interconnect with the system you already have in place with your business.

I notice you distinguish between “emergency expenses” and “periodic expenses.” What’s the difference?

The term “emergency expenses” is widely used but somewhat misleading. I am a Certified Financial Recovery Counselor (SM) through Karen McCall’s Financial Recovery Institute, which teaches that your emergency savings are designated for use only in job-loss emergencies to spend as income replacement. “Periodic expenses” describes the sometimes foreseeable, sometimes unexpected expenses that come up on a less-than-monthly basis, such as semi-annual property taxes, school supplies, car maintenance, etc. By anticipating some of these expenses and setting aside money explicitly for them, you can avoid touching your emergency fund and plan proactively for life’s surprises.

I’m self-employed and unsure whether I should focus on my business or personal finances. What should I do?

In our initial Financial Self Care Consultation, we will be able to pinpoint what areas of work feel best for us to focus on. I also offer a 6 month Profit Coaching Engagement which addresses both the business and personal aspects of financial wellbeing. Read more about this offering and find out whether it’s right for you. 

My income fluctuates a lot because I am self employed. How can I really even make a personal spending plan?

In this case, making a spending plan is especially important. Though many people find fluctuating income to be a challenge to making a financial plan, creating one can actually add more structure and create stability in your finances. Through our work together, we also review patterns in your income to better anticipate and iron out the fluctuations to ensure your comfort and financial security throughout the year.