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Profitability Coaching can take your confidence in money management to the next level.

This service is available with or without monthly bookkeeping. I’ve had many clients that have a bookkeeping system that is working for them, but they feel they are lacking some guidance around a consistent system for paying themselves or meeting financial goals.

Having the support to get clear on your goals and establish a system of support can make a world of difference, to your business and your life.

Both the 3- and 6-month Profitability Coaching engagements are designed to help you align your business profits with your goals, minimize financial stress, and create a fulfilled life.

Profitability Coaching – Three Month Engagement

This is ideal for someone who is interested in taming money stress in their business and implementing a long term money system to increase its profitability. The 3 Month Engagement is for you if you want work with an expert to:

  • Clarify your business financial goals and set a course to reach them
  • Analyze your business’s past performance to determine its current health and most profitable offerings
  • Implement the Profit First system in your business with full assistance setting up accounts and allocation percentages that are appropriate for your business and financial goals
  • Create a money system that helps you save for taxes and run your business without money stress
  • Get paid by your business on a regular basis! 
  • Design a tailored spending plan for your business to maximize profitability

This engagement includes access to several tools and modes of support, including:

  • Support through accountability meetings via Zoom twice monthly for 3 months
  • Availability by email or phone outside of scheduled meetings so you are always supported
  • A Profit First allocation worksheet personalized to your business in an easy-to-use format, allowing you to continue long after our coaching engagement ends
  • SmartVault cloud-based document sharing to keep your info safe
  • Working in tandem with your CPA as needed to maximize your tax savings
  • 1 year follow up Zoom meeting for review and celebration

Profitability Coaching – Six Month Engagement

This package includes everything featured in the 3 month engagement, which is designed to focus on your business. In the 6 month engagement, we also work together to get clear on your personal finances and goals so that your business is supporting the life you wish to live. The 6 Month Engagement is for you if you want work with an expert to:

  • Uncover your personal financial values
  • Establish inspiring personal financial goals based on your values
  • Redesign your personal spending plan and evaluate periodic expenses, so you’re prepared, even with fluctuating revenue in your business
  • Create a roadmap to meet your savings or debt repayment goals
  • Determine the income target you need to make your business support your life

This engagement includes all modes of support mentioned above, plus:

  • Regular support through accountability meetings via Zoom twice monthly for 6 months

If you’re ready to begin the next step of this transformational work, you can click the button below to schedule your free Financial Strategy Consultation.

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"In just a few months, I was able to separate my personal & business finances, open an IRA, and manage my money better with the Profit First system. Angela has helped give me peace of mind about where my money is going, and I’m not worried about surprise expenses or taxes at the end of the year!"
Bri Crabtree, Independent Performer
"I highly recommend Angela. She is a great ally and resource for entrepreneurs."
“I needed an in-depth training on QuickBooks and best practices in bookkeeping. Angela was a patient and skilled teacher. I left our appointment feeling informed and on top of all my accounts."
"She is very experienced with Quickbooks and has helped me set-up QBO for a business that has multiple lines of revenue and expense classes, as well as 1099 contractors."
Sue Landaiche, CCC Consulting
“Angela introduced a cash flow system that over the past 3 years, has helped our company revenues grow by 50% while our profits have tripled. But even more importantly, I no longer lose sleep at night worrying about the finances of the business."
Jeff, Owner, JR Construction

Profitability Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up for bookkeeping without coaching? What about coaching without bookkeeping? 

Yes! The two services are separate. People frequently come to me looking for one or the other, so they are separated into two different offerings. You are not obligated to sign up for one to receive the other. 

What’s the difference between the bookkeeping and the coaching? 

Bookkeeping will give you a better understanding of your business finances and the security of having accurate numbers.  Coaching will define your financial goals, improve your confidence around your money and give you tools for better planning so that your business serves your life by meeting your personal financial goals.

Why would I need coaching? Why would I pay for it? 

You may need coaching if you are currently dissatisfied with your income, your progress or your understanding of your finances.  Coaching can help you clarify your goals and create a roadmap to make those goals a reality while supporting you in your journey. Paying for financial coaching is like paying to learn any other skill.  You may have a talent or technical skill that’s important for the business you offer, but your skills in managing, planning and understanding how to create the financial life you desire through your business may need more development. Coaching provides a space for that development as we map out a path towards your most profitable business and fulfilled life together. For more thoughts here, feel free to read my article “Why Hiring a Financial Coach is Worth It.”

Do you have a process/program for coaching?

When we work together, the coaching process includes two 1:1 meetings per month. These meetings are a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space to discuss your financial situation. At the outset, we analyze your current financial health and make recommendations on how to move forward in a healthier way. Based on this, we then work together to create and set up a money system, which we visualize using money mapping. You’ll notice I keep writing “we” – that’s because this process is fully collaborative. It requires your attention, participation, and action to truly yield results. Over the course of our work together, I will introduce tools to help you start and maintain your financial systems. My favorites that we tend to work with are Moneygrit for personal finances and solopreneurs, and/or QuickBooks for small businesses. These tools help to carry you forward after our work together concludes. We also have a 1 year follow-up meeting to review and celebrate the changes you’ve made.