Are You Really Getting the Most From Craft Shows?

Are Craft Fairs Worth It?: At Peace With Money

Craft fair season is on the horizon, and its important to make sure you’re aware of the financial implications of every show you attend. Certainly you want to calculate the cost of the craft show itself and how much you are selling, but that’s really just the beginning. Craft shows are a way to be face to face with your customers, which opens up a world of potential marketing, networking, and connection opportunities. Every element of your craft fair presence should be planned with the intention of getting the most business, exposure, and presence you possibly can. After all, you paid to be there – you might as well milk it! 

Imagine the Possibilities

Begin to think about how you can use the even to your fullest advantage. Consider how you’re using the show from an advertising perspective. Are you advertising it ahead of time so that your fans come to see you? Once you’re at the craft show, are you using it as the advertising opportunity that it is? Are you collecting names for your mailing list ? Are you advertising your other upcoming events so customers and potential customers know where they can see you next? Are you letting them know how to buy from you online or at local shops? All of these pieces of information are important to convey to anyone who visits your booth. Think about the most clear, effective, and inviting ways you can disseminate this information. Maybe your need to tweak your display or create a small colorful flyer. Find a creative solution and make it happen.

Craft shows are also a time to be present with your customers, a rare experience these days. People often shop at craft fairs specifically to support local economies and meet makers face to face, so make sure you are giving people the experience they’re looking for. Be friendly, personable, and connect people. Use this in-person opportunity to its fullest extent. Perhaps you want to demonstrate how your handmade items are made – people love watching live demonstrations and learning more about a maker’s process. Tell the story behind your craft.

Get the Most From Craft Shows: At Peace With MoneyEspecially if you are seeing return customers, ask for feedback on your work. Ask customers if there’s anything they wish you made. If you really want to have fun, maybe set up a poll or other interactive station where people can offer feedback or vote for their favorite product. Simply connecting with other people who live near you by talking about community happenings can make the difference! Craft shows are a great opportunity to really touch base with your customers and get to know them better in order to understand how you can deliver your product to them. The craft show is about connecting as well as making a profit, and those connections eventually pay off. Being friendly throughout the day will also likely improve your experience of the event, and your day to day life in your community. 

I hope these tips will help you come up with more ways to get the most out of the craft fairs you attend this year. If you are interested in chatting about more creative ideas for promoting your business at craft fairs, don’t be afraid to shoot me a message! And of course, you can schedule a time to talk with me or check out the packages I offer if you feel you need more guidance. 


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How to Financially Survive Holiday Inventory Prep

Inventory and Cashflow During the Holidays: At Peace With Money

The holiday season is fast approaching, with Halloween on the way this week. With this season comes the time forstocking up your inventory. You want to make sure you have plenty of product available for when shopping season begins! The challenge of this time of year is that you want to build up your inventory while still having cashflow. That is, manage your financial responsibilities while increasing your spending on supplies. This can be a difficult balancing act for solopreneurs, so I’ve made a quick list of tips to get you through your holiday prep safe and financially sound!

Holiday Inventory Prep Tips

  • If you’re taking orders, consider securing a deposit from your customer so you can pay for the supplies before production.


  • Buy wholesale! Make sure you’re not paying sales tax for materials your plan to resell. This will likely require that you obtain a resellers permit for your state, so be sure to check. Negotiate the best terms with your suppliers. Can you get a discount for buying in bulk?  Will they give you net 30 or even net 60 payment terms, meaning you can receive the items now but not have to pay for them until later? If you find yourself feeling nervous about asking these things of your suppliers, please check out my article on rejection therapy for a little inspiration, then pick up the phone and stick up for your business!
  • Increase the dollar amount of each sale. For example, when I ran my jewelry business, I was able to do this by selling sets of jewelry. I would sell a pendant combined with a pair of earrings, making it easier for customers to make the decision to spend more money at my business. Even though I gave a small discount, I still increased my sales, and my profit!

Manage Cashflow and Inventory: At Peace With Money

  • Do you know your best-selling item? Make sure you have plenty on hand for the holidays! This will increase profits come shopping time.
  • When it’s all over, use a portion of your profit account to celebrate. You’ve worked hard during the holiday season. Make sure you reward yourself. To learn more about a profit account, I recommend downloading the first 5 chapters of the Profit First book on my website.

If you have more questions about balancing inventory and cashflow, don’t hesitate to schedule a discovery call with me! 

If you want to read more about the issues of inventory vs. cash flow, I recommend checking out my articles “Why Selling More Doesn’t Mean Making More” and “The Stages of Financially Growing a Business.”



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