What is a Solopreneur? At Peace With Money

An increasingly popular term around the internet’s business and finance spheres, “solopreneur” is often used interchangeably with “entrepreneur.” The two are definitely not one in the same.

There are a few key differences between solo- and entrepreneurs. All lie in the mindset, business approach, and ultimate goal of the business owner. First, solopreneurs often are very content simply doing the work their business centers around. Often, they may be specialists of some kind, like freelance writers or cabinetmakers. Related to this, solopreneurs are more likely to either wear many hats and take care of the various business tasks that need to be done, or contract them out to other specialists. Rather than hiring new people and delegating or outsourcing to them, their preferred practice allows them to keep control on the central business ideas and outcomes. For example, many solopreneurs may choose to hire the help of a bookkeeper and profit strategist. They can receive assistance with their finances while still being heavily involved in all elements of their business, including the ones they love the most.

A willingness to be versatile while maintaining control over the business’s central concept means solopreneurs are also scrappy and economical. They can start businesses with very little money and don’t often look for large investments.  Similarly, solopreneurs aren’t looking for a buyout. Rather than selling off to a larger company, solopreneurs dream of sticking with their business long-term. They are passionate about their business idea and enjoy the work it requires.

What is a Solopreneur? At Peace With Money.com

This scrappiness, passion, and versatility is what I love about solopreneurs. I’m a solopreneur myself! I understand the challenge and reward of starting and sticking with a businessyou love.

I also understand the financial oversights that befall some of us. Your business isn’t making you any money? Trust me, I’ve been there. That’s why my focus is helping solopreneurs get back on their financial tracks, so you can figure out how to align your business profits with your life goals. Isn’t that what your business is really about?



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