Today I cancelled a domain name that I took out a year ago, because it just no longer fits who I am.  The bookkeeper in me says “Yay me, I just saved money!” But much more significantly, cancelling that domain name is a great reminder in how far I have come in this past year.  Last December, I was running a financially satisfying bookkeeping business, yet I felt I was missing a true sense of purpose.  I have spent this past year on a learning journey to turn my bookkeeping business into an opportunity to serve my clients in a meaningful and even life-changing way.  Casting off that domain feels like sealing the deal – I am firmly on this new and meaningful path and no longer dealing with expenses and hang-ups that don’t serve my vision for my business or my life.

Clearing out what no longer fits your goals or your needs can be important to any solopreneur’s journey. Not only can it tame your expenses, but it can also ensure you are putting your money and attention in the places you really want it to go. Sometimes we need to reflect on our affairs and look closely at what’s most important to us in order to create profitable and more meaningful businesses. This is something I love to do – guide solopreneurs through a financial detective case to find clues which can lead to a healthier financial life. Through creative solutions and openness to unique ideas, creating a pathway towards better finances and better business becomes a meaningful, reflective journey, rather than an intimidating one.

This year has been a process of discovering how to combine my practical business experience with my creativity in order to fulfill my purpose in life – guiding solopreneurs in their own money journeys. If you are open to making room for financial clarity, let’s connect.

Wishing you peace with your money,