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Why Profit First? As a small business owner you face unique challenges. You have fluctuating income, “surprise” or unplanned expenses, and you are making all of the decisions – you’re busy! Profit First is a cash management system that evens out your income, helps you plan for those surprises, and leverages your habits to reduce the stress of decision making. The system can be applied to small business and personal finances alike to simplify money management and maximize the impact your money has on your quality of life. Read about my Profit First story here.”

– Profit Strategist Angela Keller

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Profit First Overview

The Profit First Formula

A New Cash Management Methodology

The success formula for business has always been: Sales – Expenses = Profit. The problem is, it’s wrong. You are about to discover the profoundly simple Profit First Formula that ensures your business will be profitable from your very next deposit forward.

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The Profit First Book

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