Schedule Your Year End Bookkeeping Review

As the year wraps up, I want to encourage all solopreneurs to engage in a little financial self-care, by reviewing your 2018 books! There are several reasons to review your books at this time of year, and they would benefit from the eye of an expert. If you don’t already have a bookkeeper and feel like you could benefit from some oversight, schedule a review with someone! The financial insight will go a long way for your business. Here are my top two reasons for reviewing your books now.

Tax Prep

First of all, straightening out your 2018 books to prep for tax season simply makes sense. Hiring an expert to help you do this can ensure that your books are accurate. That extra bit of readiness will feel so good come tax season, I promise! It will save you some stress and last minute rushing come tax time. Think of it as a holiday gift to yourself!

Where Did You Make Your Money?

My second reason for scheduling a bookkeeping review with a professional is so that someone with a trained eye can go over your books and help you discern where, when, and from what you made the most money. This kind of insight is invaluable to any small business, especially if your goal is growth. Your Why You Should Schedule Your Bookkeeping Review Now: At Peace With Moneyfinancial records hold this info. Work with someone willing to help you find it! For more about finding and working with a bookkeeper, check out my post “How to Get the Most Value From Your Bookkeeper”. The insights you gain from a good bookkeeping review could help shape your plan for your business in 2019 – all the more reason to review them now.

Going over your books with a professional will save you a lot of stress and provide you with knowledge needed to run a successful business. Please consider scheduling a year-end review – you’ll thank yourself later! I offer bookkeeping services along with Profit First strategic advising. If you’re looking for someone to work with, don’t hesitate to schedule a curiosity call with me.

Here’s to tying up your financial loose ends!


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How to Get The Most Value From Your Bookkeeper

How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Bookkeeper: At Peace With Money

As a business owner, every time that you outsource a task for your business, you want to make sure you are getting the highest value out of that task. Particularly if you are hiring a professional for services, such as a CPA or bookkeeper, they should not only provide the service you need to keep your financial records up to date. They should also be able to provide you with insight or advice into your business finances. They regularly see all the financial facts of your business right in front of them. If they aren’t interpreting and discussing with you the trends they see in your business,  or they aren’t talking about or making suggestions to support the health of your business , they are actually doing you a disservice. Financial professionals can easily access that information. Making sure you hire someone who is willing to talk to you about those things and provide information that will provide you with much greater value from this professional service. If you are able to apply these financial insights, your business will benefit greatly in the long run.

This point also illuminates the value of hiring a professional in the first place. Hiring someone who knows what they’re doing to both keep your books in order and analyze financial trends is important. Paying a professional a higher wage for a better quality work, rather than hiring someone who doesn’t do the job well, will greatly benefit you and your business. Someone who can provide you with valuable information about expenses, cash flow, profit margins, and other financial inner workings of your business can prove invaluable in the long term. Think of hiring a talented professional as an investment in your business’s financial wellbeing.

How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Bookkeeper: At Peace With Money

When you are looking to hire a CPA or bookkeeper, inquire whether their services include providing these insights and consultations. If you are already working with a particular professional, ask them if they are willing to start discussing their financial findings with you. If not, maybe it’s time to find someone else – because that valuable financial knowledge of your business is absolutely worth it. If you’d like to speak with me about my financial services, schedule a discover call!


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Business Expenses Are Not Free

Business Expenses Aren't Free: At Peace With Money

There is a common misconception among business owners: thinking that “I will write that off as a business expense” means it’s free. Let’s bust this myth! Our business (and bottom lines) will be all the better for it. 

Why Do We Think This?

The root of this misconception probably stems from our experiences as employees of larger companies. As an employee, business expenses are often “free” in that you get reimbursed for them or your company is covering the expense. However, now that you own your business, the expense is included in your bottom line. Business expenses no longer disappear into the ether of corporate bureaucracy – owning a small business means every expense shows up. 

A New Way to Think About Business Expenses

It’s true that as a business owner, you do get a tax write-off for business expenses. But it is also true that an expense is still an expense; the money still leaves your accounts. It’s important that, as business owners, we rewire our brains to recognize this. Business expenses are not equal to receiving things for free. Free stuff is still the best option!

Business Expense Advice: At Peace With MoneyRecognizing this may mean we need to reexamine our approach with expenses in general. When making a purchase, it’s important to ask yourself, “Is this expense actually adding value to my business? Do I really need this?”. Often we are pressured into spending money on our businesses that we don’t really need to, especially when starting out. Evaluating our priorities and finding financial clarity in our businesses can be a helpful step in the right direction. 

As my final tip, I’d like to present a favorite Profit First strategy of mine. Ask yourself, “Can I wait just one more day to make this purchase?” This simple question can again help you in evaluating your financial priorities, and buy you more time to get your business finances in order. 



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How to Boost Your Revenue Now!

Boost Your Revenue Now! At Peace With Money

Alright, I’ll just come out and say it: invoice your customers! I know it sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many business owners put off that task of invoicing their customers. Doing just that can help you boost your revenue immediately.

You know your business needs cash flow to survive. You cannot pay yourself or your bills or buy the things you need to keep your business moving forward if you don’t have the cash flow. Invoicing your customers is your way to secure that cash.


If you’re running your business with recurring billing, or better yet, recurring automatic payments, then you already understand the power and importance of invoicing. With that type of system you can better plan for your revenue stream and upcoming expenses. In contrast, if you are doing any type of project-based or one-off billing, you need a system in place to get your invoices out to your customers as soon as possible. It’s likely that your customer will sit on that invoice for a couple of weeks before they bother to get it paid. All the more reason to invoice them as quickly as you can!

The Follow-Up

After you send the invoice, follow up with the customer to make sure you get paid. Again having a system in place comes in handy here. If you don’t get payment within a few days, resend the invoice, send a reminder or call them and ask for payment. Calling gets results. As a bookkeeper, I know which vendors are going to call me to ask for payments and which aren’t, so I pay those that don’t ask last.

Boost Your Revenue Now! At Peace With MoneyYou need to be the one following up to get paid. If you truly don’t like this part of your business, ask yourself why. After all, you started a business to make an income, you are offering a product you believe in, and your customer benefits from your product. You deserve to be compensated!

The main takeaway here – to boost your revenue immediately, get a system in place for invoicing and following up with your customers. If you need help putting together an invoice system, maybe it’s time to work with a profit strategist. You know where to find me!


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What is a Solopreneur?

What is a Solopreneur? At Peace With Money

An increasingly popular term around the internet’s business and finance spheres, “solopreneur” is often used interchangeably with “entrepreneur.” The two are definitely not one in the same.

There are a few key differences between solo- and entrepreneurs. All lie in the mindset, business approach, and ultimate goal of the business owner. First, solopreneurs often are very content simply doing the work their business centers around. Often, they may be specialists of some kind, like freelance writers or cabinetmakers. Related to this, solopreneurs are more likely to either wear many hats and take care of the various business tasks that need to be done, or contract them out to other specialists. Rather than hiring new people and delegating or outsourcing to them, their preferred practice allows them to keep control on the central business ideas and outcomes. For example, many solopreneurs may choose to hire the help of a bookkeeper and profit strategist. They can receive assistance with their finances while still being heavily involved in all elements of their business, including the ones they love the most.

A willingness to be versatile while maintaining control over the business’s central concept means solopreneurs are also scrappy and economical. They can start businesses with very little money and don’t often look for large investments.  Similarly, solopreneurs aren’t looking for a buyout. Rather than selling off to a larger company, solopreneurs dream of sticking with their business long-term. They are passionate about their business idea and enjoy the work it requires.

What is a Solopreneur? At Peace With

This scrappiness, passion, and versatility is what I love about solopreneurs. I’m a solopreneur myself! I understand the challenge and reward of starting and sticking with a businessyou love.

I also understand the financial oversights that befall some of us. Your business isn’t making you any money? Trust me, I’ve been there. That’s why my focus is helping solopreneurs get back on their financial tracks, so you can figure out how to align your business profits with your life goals. Isn’t that what your business is really about?



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Making Room for Financial Clarity

Today I cancelled a domain name that I took out a year ago, because it just no longer fits who I am.  The bookkeeper in me says “Yay me, I just saved money!” But much more significantly, cancelling that domain name is a great reminder in how far I have come in this past year.  Last December, I was running a financially satisfying bookkeeping business, yet I felt I was missing a true sense of purpose.  I have spent this past year on a learning journey to turn my bookkeeping business into an opportunity to serve my clients in a meaningful and even life-changing way.  Casting off that domain feels like sealing the deal – I am firmly on this new and meaningful path and no longer dealing with expenses and hang-ups that don’t serve my vision for my business or my life.

Clearing out what no longer fits your goals or your needs can be important to any solopreneur’s journey. Not only can it tame your expenses, but it can also ensure you are putting your money and attention in the places you really want it to go. Sometimes we need to reflect on our affairs and look closely at what’s most important to us in order to create profitable and more meaningful businesses. This is something I love to do – guide solopreneurs through a financial detective case to find clues which can lead to a healthier financial life. Through creative solutions and openness to unique ideas, creating a pathway towards better finances and better business becomes a meaningful, reflective journey, rather than an intimidating one.

This year has been a process of discovering how to combine my practical business experience with my creativity in order to fulfill my purpose in life – guiding solopreneurs in their own money journeys. If you are open to making room for financial clarity, let’s connect.

Wishing you peace with your money,


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